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Robbie Burns & Lunar New Year Celebration (Saturday - starting from 4:00pm)

Bowen Park - 2 lions



Nanaimo Chinese Cultural Society New Year Celebration (Saturday @ 4:00pm)

Coast Bastion Inn - 3 lions



Lunar New Year Celebration at Great Canadian Casino (Thursday @ 6:00pm)

Downtown Nanaimo Casino - 4 lions



Berwick on the Lake Lunar New Year Celebration (Friday @ 6:00pm)

3201 Ross Road - 3 lions



Naniamo North Town Centre Lunar New Year Event (Saturday @ 11:00am)

4750 Rutherford Rd. - 4 lions



Hong Kong House Restaurant Lunar New Year Celebration (Monday @ 6:00pm)

3023 Barons Road - 3 lions


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For more information regarding to our Kung Fu & Lion Dance performances, or have interest to know more about our classes, please contact Instructor Jacky Li at:

(250) 797-2387



Grand Master Chi Fai Lau (1962-2007)

Sifu LauGrand Master Lau comes from a kung fu family that goes back many generations. He was born in Guang Zhou where as a very young child he was prone to sickness. He began to study martial arts at the young age of six. Along with older brother Keung, Master Lau began to learn Southern Shaolin and Pak Mei from their father Lau Siu Chun and Grand Master Siu Ten Fun (The founder of Ging Do Kung Fu). He also learned Wing Chun, Dragon Style, Choi Li Fut, and Hung Gar from various famous masters in China. As he continued his training, he became stronger and healthier. It was at a very young age that Master Lau acquired his great passion for kung fu that grows in him till the day he passed away.

He started teaching martial arts shortly after learning at the age of 16, and got his certification in Chinese Medicine at the age of 18. Moving to Canada in 1986 with his family, kept a really low profile, until 1994 when the Calgary Hung Mun Athletic Club appointed him to teach martial art, this is when he started to get the respect and a name from all around town. Master Chi Fai Lau is a man of many words, his conversations often leads to martial arts, the way of life, and helping others.

Through out the years he and his students have won various trophies and awards.In addition, Master Lau has also studied internal and external Chi Gong. Master Lau has always been a driven and motivated man that has found success in all of his pursuits through hard work and determination. Master Lau has always been highly respected within the community, among his peers and of course by his many students. His open mind and thirst for knowledge and self improvement has developed him into a famous martial art master all over the world. Master Lau has gained mastery of not only martial arts but in many aspects of his life.

Grand Master Chi Fai Lau was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and battled for four years until passing away in August 17, 2007. But his teachings will always be in the heart of everyone. His students will carry his dream to spread his technique and philosophy of Pak Mei Hup Ging Do to the world.